Redskins vs Texans

Redskins vs Texans : The Washington Redskins’ success in 2018 can be attributed to a number of things. Their defense, despite recent struggles, has the talent of a top-ten unit in the league. Their offense, amidst struggles, has managed to consistently put up a fight in the time of possession battle.

Redskins vs Texans Live

They’re not winning the modern way. They’re not winning the pretty way. And they’re not winning the ‘right’ way. But they’re winning. That’s all one can ask for.

That said, there are some teams against whom the Redskins will need to break free from their shell, and play past their perceived boundaries. Against some teams, Alex Smith will need to do more than simply limit turnovers. Against some teams, the secondary will need to put on the clamps, to the best of their ability.

The Texans, since starting the season 0-3, have embarked on a six-game winning streak. While their pass defense is suspect, they have a solid defensive front with J.J Watt, D.J. Reader, and Jadeveon Clowney. And on offense, Deshaun Watson has carried over his rookie season success to 2018, passing for 17 touchdowns and seven interceptions thus far in his second season. Over the past three games, he’s thrown eight touchdowns and no picks.

A win against the Texans would go a long way toward proving the Redskins to those who relentlessly label them a fake playoff contender. They have a way of football that they play well, but against some teams, they may have to adapt. Can they do so today? We will find out. If you live in the D.C. local area, you’ll be able to watch the game on live television. If not, FuboTV and NFL Game Pass can remedy your needs. But first, be sure to catch up on our pregame links, listed below!

Washington’s way is unorthodox. But if they keep winning, in spite of the conventional concept of victory, then they will have to be taken seriously. Today’s game at home gives Washington an opportunity to convince the nation one more time, that they are here to stay in the playoff race. Every week holds weight in the NFL, but in Week 11, the stakes are high, and the emotions higher.

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